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So much to know when getting your windshield changed! We hope this page clears up some questions you may have, so we can better serve you.  Our Office Staff will give you the option choices after you tell us the Make, Model, and Year of your vehicle. Check out options your vehicle may have below.

Thank you .

1) Third Visor Frit - These Funny dots around your mirror has a name! These do nothing for your radio, satellite , or any other device.  

2)  Heated Wiper Park - Option for your wipers to prevent sticking from cold icy rain or snow. Check out the picture on the right. Very simple to spot!

3) Heated Windshield: This is another option that can not be noticed. This option automatically turns on to defrost your windshield.

3) Acoustic Inner Layer -  Glass will have special inter layer that enhances sound insulation properties. If you are unsure if you have this option take a look at your current windshield. It will have a logo stated it. 

4)  Rain Sensor:  When it is raining, your wipers will automatically go slower or faster depending on how hard the rain is coming down. Check out the photos below to check out what they look like on the outside of a vehicle.

5) Heads Up Display:  The speedometer will show up on your windshield if you have this option. Very easily noticed. 

6)AHBC Sensor: Automatic High  Beam Control Sensor. Your headlights will automatically turn on if you have this option. Turns on high beams when no other vehicle traffic present, and reverts back to low beams when detecting headlamps of oncoming vehicles and tail lamps.

7) Lane Departure Warning System- Your Car will notify if you veer out of lane. This was designed to address many causes of Collision: Drowsiness  Driver Error, or Distractions

8) Humidity Sensor: A sensor attached to the windshield behind the rear-view mirror will detect moisture on the inside of the glass and activate the Automatic Climate Controls.

9) Forward Collision Sensor: Your Car will break if you get too close to another vehicle. This prevents collision 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You cannot “upgrade” your windshield by asking for these options.  Well, we guess you can but it will result in these fancy gadgets not working. Our technicians are Great!  but they cannot make rain sensors work in cars that are not made for rain sensors.

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