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What type of film are you looking for? 

Safety and Security Film -  Made with heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry's strongest adhesives to provide a powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur.

Whether the impact is from natural disasters, crime, vandalism, or everyday accidents, you can rest assured That Safety /Security films will help control danger and damage caused by broken glass in new construction or retrofit projects. 

These films are ideal for residential and commercial applications where there is a potential for glass breakage. 


Reflective Film- Reflective films feature reflection on both interiors and exteriors for reduction in summer cooling costs. Providing a high level of glare and heat control, they are scratch -resistant, shield 99% of ultra violet rays, and provide excellent heat rejection


UV Window Film-  Low-E film provides energy savings by helping to block summer solar heat gain and by reducing winter heat loss through windows. It is scratch- resistant, shields 99% of UV rays, and helps reduce glare. It is suitable for commercial and residential applications where summer and winter temperature fluctuation are major concerns. 

Reduction in Glare - Neutral films help reduce glare, provide good heat rejection and are specified where a soft neutral appearance is desired. These films are made with sputtered technology. Neutral films are scratch-resistant and shield 99% of UV rays. 


Decorative Film- Decorative Films for thousands of uses giving a great appeal and add to the aesthetic design to any building, room, and business. Decorative films come in all sorts of colors and patterns. 

IMG_4763 2.jpg
  • Rice Paper

  • Textured

  • Light Blocking and Diffusion

  • Reflective Film

  • Transparent Colors

  • Privacy

  • Stained Glass Films

  • Gradient Transition

  • Matte Films

  • Dots, Stripes, Lines

  • Static Cling

  • Custom Printed

  • Dry Erase Films

  • Clear to Frost - Electronic Films *

Switchable Glass or Film. Frost, Blackout, or Colors. Many options for your Office, Meeting Rooms, or Lobby.

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