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Are your Windows Fogged? Rotten? Drafty?  Have Broken Glass? 

Or are you in the market for new efficient Windows?

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Broken Glass

No need to go back to the Manufacturer for glass. Paul's Glass has over 30 years of experience with all window brands and can replace the glass. Even if you do not know the brand of window or if the window company has went out of business, most*  of these glass units can be made and replaced. We will best match Low-E and Grid Color.

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Rotten Windows

In most situations , when a large portion of a window is rotten, it is worth replacing the entire window assembly to a new window rather than "Repairing." There are many companies in the business of replacing sections of these rotten windows, charging as much as a new window.  Even with a repair,  if not done thoroughly and with time/ precipitation, the rot will come back sooner than later.   Give us a call or email for a specialist for a free consultation 

To the Right is an example of a window that should not be "repaired"

Below are some windows that have been "repaired" 13 months ago.

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Fogged Windows

Do your windows look foggy? Do you see crazy colors in the glass? Moisture within both panes of glass?


The Insulated Glass Unit has most likely failed. Often times due to the design of the window.  The seal has separated and glass would need to be replaced.  This is a fix that Paul's Glass can replace! 

Give us a call!

Needing New Windows?

Learn more about Windows and the products/services that we provide 

Our Promise to You!

The Paul's Glass philosophy is a reflection of the values Established by Nesses Family. These Values are simple: We rely on genuine integrity, industry led Knowledge, Hands on Experience nearing 40 Years, and highest quality products. We want to earn your business.  No Pushy Salesman,  No Gimmicks,  At the end of the day, we are a Family Owned & Operated Company that believes in our products and services . 

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee speaks for itself.  Our commitment to our clients has made us one of the highest quality Full Service Glass, Window & Door Companies in Central Indiana. We've grown to serve any glass related needs. 

Understanding Window Condensation FAQ During Winter and Summer Months

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Window Condensation

Condensation occurs on windows when warm moist air comes in contact with the colder surface of the window. Although it is natural to assume that the windows are to blame, the fact is that the windows are merely visible sign that the excessive humidity exits in your home. Windows do not cause condensation. On the contrary, Efficient windows can be a great help in controlling and reducing it. 

What Causes Condensation?

Indoor moisture caused by a variety of factors. Common households activities such as cooking showering , operating washing machines and dishwashers - in short. every activity that uses hot water, adds moisture to the air. 


Newer homes are more subject to condensation because they are constructed with more weather-tight materials and methods build before energy costs were a concern.  A poured basement, insulation, drywall, drywall mud, and any precipitation occurring the build add to a lot of water for a new home! Weatherstripping, improved insulation, vapor barriers, and modern construction techniques are designed to reduce air leakage. At the same time, however, these can act to seal in moisture. Unless Provisions are made to allow this moisture to escape, moisture buildup can result. 

Can Window Condensation Be Only Temporary?

These are several instances when temporary window condensation can occur, including:

- During Showers and baths, cooking, dish-washing and other steam - producing occasions.

-During the start of each heating season. Houses absorb moisture during humid summers. This will generally dry out after a few weeks of heating.

- During sharp temperature changes. Sudden Drops in temperature, especially during the heating season, can create temporary condensation problems.

- During new construction or remodeling. Building materials contain a great deal of moisture. When the heat is turned on, the moisture will flow into the air inside the home. It usually will disappear after the first heating season. 

What can be Done to Reduce Condensation?

There are many Simple steps that can be taken to reduce humidity level in your home:

- Vent clothes dryers, gas burners, etc, to the outdoors

- Check that all ventilation equipment is adjusted properly

- Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

-Air out kitchen, bathroom and laundry room during and after use, by opening a window for a few minutes

- Make sure attic louvers remain open all year round that crawl spaces are properly ventilated. 

- Consult a local and heating and ventilation contractor to help determine whether ventilation is adequate or it can be improved.

-Ensure humidifiers or dehumidifiers are correctly set according to the outside temperature. 

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