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Customize your shower door to reflect your style and add value to your home

Update your bathroom with a clean-looking custom shower door enclosure. Having Paul's Glass install your shower door means that you will receive the best service and quality!

If your tile is completed and would like a quote, you may stop by our showroom during regular business hours or schedule an appointment by phone. 

If you are in the construction stage, please check out our Pre-Plan tips


Framed Shower Door Company Indiana

Framed shower enclosure is very simple to define. It has metal around the entire structure including the door. See the picture above and note the metal around the door.

Semi Frameless


Semi Frameless shower enclosure also has metal around most of the structure, but does not have metal around the entire door. This gives the term - Semi Frameless. See the picture above and notice the metal is only on the hinge side. 


Framless Shower Door Company Indina

Frameless shower enclosure is difficult to define. Some fixed panels may have a header for safety/support. In order to qualify as being frameless, the glass thickness must be 3/8” or 1/2" and the door must be attached by hinges only. There is no metal around the door.

Semi Frameless Gallery

Frameless Gallery

Visualizing your DREAM BATHROOM?  Give us a shout for a free quote.*

* all tile-work MUST be complete for quoting purposes.

This includes Curbs, Bullnosing, surface caps



When it comes to Glass Care with shower doors, we use the following coatings to give you a lasting clean look! Each coating has its own maintenance instructions. Coatings are applied upon ordering a shower door to seal up the glass. This prevents soap scum from entering pores and making a shower look "gross and nasty."


Glass is naturally porous , over time water fills these pours and leave the notorious "soap scum" or hard water deposits that are deep in the glass.  Glass can be rejuvenated by special light abrasive cleaners with lots of elbow-grease,. We highly recommend coatings for new shower doors to protect your investment. These coatings make cleaning much easier and do require less work.

Having a coating does not making your shower maintenance-free and do require some cleaning. We recommend using a shower squeegee and microfiber cloth and specific cleaners. We DO NOT recommend ammonia based cleaners , Vinegar, abrasive materials, or other potent cleaners that will void your warranty dependent on your coating selection. We offer the following coatings:


The Diamond Seal Coating must be maintained by a specific cleaner. This coating has a life time warranty and must be registered online and maintained by their specific cleaner.  The spray is safe to use for the aluminum and the tile in your bathroom. We sell this coating at our office or you can order directly from the manufacturer. We provided the link on this page to register your coating.

Shower Guard Coating is our premier choice of glass coatings. Shower Guard is baked into the glass and is a permanent solution that can not be removed. Shower Guard comes with a Lifetime warranty with the supplier.  The coating comes with a long list of cleaners that can be used for cleaning. The benefit of this coating is that it can always be cleaned if cleaning was lacking at any point of time.

Any questions , please call our office at 317-885-1924 or Emailing us at

Click applicable Coating Product Logo to register your coating

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