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During Construction Stage: 

Things to consider when wanting a Frameless or Semi Frameless Shower-door/Enclosure

Before you tile, prepare how you want your shower to look.

Do you want Frameless?


Are you designing a shower without a door but may want one years from now?


Frameless Doors are extremely heavy and require renforcement in the wall. Unfortunatley many homeowners forget to prepare or mention to the tile installer that they want a Frameless Door. Without studs, the door cannot be mounted properly. Installing studs 'after-the-fact' can be costly. 


Semi-Frameless doors are not as heavy as frameless doors and do not require the reinforcement needed. However, it is a good idea to reinforce the wall for good measure for better support. 

We suggest installing three or four 2x4's aligning with the curb can give our installers plenty of room to mount your door.  


Note: if your curb is 6 inches wide, Stack your wall with 2x4's aligning the entire curb of 6 inches. 

FAQ: Why put more studs in the wall.

Answer: Installers cannot see where studs have been placed until drilling. 

Decorative tile

Choose tile wisely, Bull-nose tiles on edges of door opening will not allow a pivot door to open and required to be removed or cut.  

Most Common Question: Can you Design a frameless showerdoor that doesn't leak?

Having a Shower properly designed and installed, frame less showers should not have problems with water leakage, but they are not 100 % watertight.

Fixed glass panels are sealed at the base of the floor and along the sides with clear silicone.  Most water seepage comes from water repelling from your body. 

Here are Dos and Donts when designing your shower door and various concerns we come across in the field down below:

Do: Add a Curb to the shower to give more protection in keeping water inside the shower when opening the door after use.


Do: Pitch all curbs and Seats tilting inside the shower. Water will always run down. Never should a curb tilt outward!!!

Don't: Never Position Shower Faucets directly at the door. Your Shower is not an aquarium.

Don't: Never forget about installing studs when wanting a Frame less or Semi-Frame less Door.  Heavy glass doors do not hang off your tile or mollys.  Stack studs measuring the entire width of curb. 


Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures have been increasingly popular in the past few years. If you are the home owner or are DIY make sure walls are plumb and Level and each side mirror images one another for best result.


Following a pattern or straight line.

ATTENTION :  Towel bars and handles are not to be used as grab bars.

Grab bars in showers are a great assistance for getting into and out of the tub or shower.  But Shower Glass will not support your weight.   If you use excessive force it could snap off, shatter your door, pull the panel down off its tracking, or break the silicone seal depending on the design of your shower enclosure.  If you have small children who love to hang on things, it’s a good idea to teach them to not hang from the shower door handle or towel bar.

Ergonomic Style Handle 10 , 6.jpg
Square Style Handle 6, 8 .gif
Traditional Series Handle 6, 8
Arch Style Handle 6,8 .gif
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Mitered Style Handle 6 , 8 .jpg
H Style Handle 6, 8, 12.jpg
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