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Mirrors, Flat Glass, Table Tops, & Custom Glass


Paul's Glass provides an extensive array of products including mirrors, glass for tabletops, glass for picture frames, and other custom ideas.  Our range of glass type include a multitude of colors, polishes, thicknesses, and textures. We have provided below of services we provide and simple explanations to fit your needs when it comes to mirrors and flat glass. 


Looking for a unique Texture of Glass? Unique Edge Work? Stop by our Showroom and we will be happy to help you! We carry an array of examples with their own levels of obscurity. 

Gallery of some of our work


Circles, Trapezoids, Octagons, Unique Cuts 

Handcrafted, cut, and polished by hand in our Shop.  We can create almost anything imaginable


Tempered Glass - 

Tempered glass is glass that has been Chemically or Thermally changed for safety and strength. Tempered glass is roughly 4 times stronger than annealed "ordinary" glass.  Tempered glass when shattered does not break into jagged or larger shapes but into smaller circular pieces that is much safer.  

Tempered glass cannot be cut down once tempered. Any cuts, polishes, or edging is done before glass has been tempered.

Tempered Glass is used for strength , thermal resistance , and safety.  Tempered glass can be found in Any Door, Vehicle Glass, Shower Doors, and safety code restrictions.  Any glass piece that is tempered will have a small logo indicating that it is in-fact tempered. 


Cut outs , Mirror Face-plates - 


Antiqued Mirror -

antique mirrors.jpg

Paul's Glass provides an array of mirrors. Paul's Glass is the perfect spot for decorative mirrors for the home or business. We carry Hi-Definition Mirrors (Low-Iron) that are great for dressing rooms. We can provide Antique Mirror that are becoming in style for furniture revivals, backslashes, lobby areas, and bars.

Ideal for uses such as:

  • Backsplashes

  • Wet Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Cabinet inserts

  • Lobby Areas

  • Table tops

  • Furniture inserts

  • Wall installations

  • Decorative Pieces/Furniture 

Copper-free mirrors

Matte, acid-etched mirrors

Antique Mirrors (6 styles)

Hi-Definition Mirrors (low-iron)

Tempered mirrors

Tinted mirrors

Tempered mirrors

Safety-backed mirrors

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