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We accept all insurance claims. 

Indiana Law states that you have "Right to Choose" your auto-glass repair company when filing for an insurance claim. Do not let your insurance company STEER you to their preferred glass company or away from the company of your choice. Some insurers may make you believe that going anywhere but their preferred choice will void your cars warranty. This is illegal and simply not true.


You have the legal right to choose. Paul's Glass accepts and works with all insurance companies.  All of our products and services meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. At Paul's Glass, we are happy to work with our customers. 

Safety is Paul's Glass #1 Concern when replacing your windshield. At Paul's Glass, we use OEM adhesives. Our company highly suggests OEM glass because the glass will meet the correct fit, quality, strength and safety as the original glass


Our adhesives set up in 30-45 minutes giving you a faster drive away time, as well as meeting and/exceeding airbag, rollover, and other crashes tests once the adhesive has set. 

At Paul's Glass our customers have the option to have Mobile Service or Have scheduled appointments at our location in Downtown Greenwood.  We do not charge additional charges for mobile service as long as you are in the Greenwood or Surrounding Indianapolis Areas. If you decide to schedule an appointment at our location, enjoy a cup of coffee, take a look at our other services/products, or walk a small distance to multiple Downtown Greenwood Shoppes and Restaurants.

Central Indian Windshield Replacement

Windshield Repair

( Rock Chip Repair 

Windshield Repairs or Rock Chip Repair . Paul's Glass technicians can repair the windshield in under a hour. This usually takes under 30 minutes. Requirements of this service must have a Chip under a quarter size or smaller.


It is assumed that these rock chip repairs will "Disappear" However, these repairs are structural. There is a good chance it will be hardly noticed once completed but it is not guaranteed.  

Benefit of having Paul's Glass repair Rock Chips is that if the repair is unsuccessful and cracks out further, we take the money spent on the repair toward the replacement of a new windshield. 


*Any insurance questions concerning Rock Chip repairs call our office at 317-885-1924

Indianapolis Rock Chip Repair
Indianapolis Backglass Replacement

Automotive Replacement Services



Driving with a broken back-glass can be extremely dangerous due to Glass Debris that can spread around as you drive.  Paul's Glass Technicians will get you back on the road in no time. We replace all sorts of back glasses including power-sliders, power drop down glasses, and heated back glasses.

If your window is cracked or broken, give us a call! We can schedule you in typically next day.

If  you have scheduled for a mobile service, Weather permits. On the day of the appointment, we will call to check if you have shelter , call to have your vehicle brought to our garage, or reschedule. We cannot install in the rain , sleet, or snow. The Adhesives used will not bond properly. No Glass Installer should be installing in any precipitation.

Your safety is extremely important to us

Classic Vehicles


These once brand new cars are becoming more collectible and more difficult to find parts as time goes on.  When it comes to the glass in your classic vehicle, Paul's Glass can find or create the glass in many of these classic vehicles.

Often times, buying glass online, glass comes in the wrong size, shape, broken, or incorrect shade. This is becoming more frequent as more customers restoring their beloved vehicles go to online stores.


We create and install windshields, back glasses windows, and vents. Flat glass used in the windshields of many of these classic cars can be made custom for hot roads and modified window frames.  Options of Green, Clear, Bronze, or Grey Glass.


Paul's Glass technicians can also repair the actuators in older vehicles.


We also can get date coded windshields for clients looking to have the next level of restoration of their beloved vehicle.

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Indianpolis Indiana Classic Car Glass
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