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Windows are a huge investment for any residence or building.  Choosing the right product for your project, that will perform at its best, can be burdensome with hundreds of different products on the market.  Paul's Glass has been servicing glass & windows from all manufactures for over 30 years.  Our experience and knowledge to distinguish a good product from a bad product came from this experience.  We are a service oriented company that cares what products go into your home.  Paul's Glass can provide you a higher quality window product at any budget.   


Our showroom offers multiple brands to compare to, as well as assistance to explain these distinctions.  At Paul's Glass you will only find the highest of quality of services and products.  We provide our products to High Quality Builders, Contractors, and Happy Homeowners.

New Construction Window Company Indianapolis
Window Replacement Compay Indiana

New Construction

Replacement Windows

Windows should no longer be seen as a glass pane to look out. Windows give your home it's appeal aesthetically, perform so your heating and cooling doesn't work as hard, and protects your home from the elements and harmful UV rays. 

Windows are not created equal. Every manufacturer has their own performance, strengths, and weaknesses . Finding a window product that best fits your budget and can perform is they key to any New Construction or Replacement.

We Deliver product to the entire state of Indiana.  Including Marion, Johnson, Morgan, Shelby, Hamilton, Hancock, and Hendricks, Brown, Monroe, and  Bartholomew Counties. 

Replacing your windows?  Check out our Window brands and see our work! Choose the company who has the insight knowledge from replacing glass / parts in all manufacturers products for over 30 years.  

Do not let another company prevent you from shopping around.  Get quotes, ask questions, and compare. Our showroom offers multiple corner cuts of competitors products to compare and contrast.  We are also constantly involved in the industry keeping up with newest technologies. We offer Multiple Brands for any price point. Our Goal is to educate our clients on the products available and to meet their needs/wants.


Please be aware of highly advertised companies that are synonymous with giving customers "Discounts" from a highly priced, low end product. Our customers are often shocked by how much more they receive with our products and services against the big box stores or the highly advertised window replacement companies. 

If you are interested in more information or would like a quote for windows or doors, Electronic Plans or sizes can be sent to . You may also stop by our showroom during regular business hours.

Easy & Convenient Financing for your New Windows & Doors is also available. 

​Vinyl Windows

  • Costs Less  (Casement Vinyl Windows Can Be as Much as Clad, With Added Options More in Cost)

  • Energy Performance Values may be Slightly Better without factoring in Air leakage 



  • Can Lower Resale Value of Home

  • Vinyl Expands and Retracts creating Air leakage during winter months

  • Not as durable ( Become Brittle )

  • Shorter Life Span

Clad Windows



  • Clad Wood Windows are stronger and more durable.

  • Clad Wood Windows are more Air Tight

  • Extruded Aluminum Clad Wood Windows provide better Noise Insulation.

  • Better Appearance

  • Easier Maintenance

  • Longer Lasting



  • Can Cost More

Check out the Daniel's Family Experience with the Touchstone Energy Program in Central Indiana. We worked with the Daniels and their Builder, Dennis Copenhaver on their Windows and Door Choices. They chose Sun Windows in their home after much research and saw the huge advantages and benefits. They are now proud owners of a home with Sun Windows.

New Construction (No Stock Photos , Only from jobs we have supplied).

Located in Westields's Chatham Hills, The Lindley Farmstead is the original Lindley Family 3 story barn from the 1830s. The barn showcases the Sun Window Products including Windows and Sun Doors

Chatham Hills Lindley Farmstead in Westfield

Replacement Window Projects

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